Web viewer not taking up the whole screen in kodular eagle

I have an app that uses the web viewer and everything was working perfectly before eagle. Now when I opened kodular after the big update I noticed that the web viewer (which is the central part of the app) was not taking up the full screen, it left a pretty noticeable margin at the top. I tried making height fill the parent, I tried putting the web viewer inside a layout but nothing fixed the issue. I even tried creating a new project with nothing but a web viewer and it still doesn’t work! It seems like the eagle update broke the web viewer. Here is a screenshot of the app:

Kodular hyped this update a lot and it did bring some cool features but it also broke some…

You need to open the image/screenshot to see what I mean since the background of the app is white and the background of this website is also white.

This is a known bug, please search before creating a topic.

Sorry I did search but couldn’t find anything, probably because the issue was one in a list of many others.