Web Viewer not working on all devices

I made an application that load images into web viewer. I have two phones. One has android version 6 and another android version 8. Web Viewer display images on phone with android version 8 but not on phone with android version 6.

Show the (relevant) blocks. Tested with companion and / or APK? Image size?

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try enabling desktop mode of webview

Runs in companion but not in app.

still to answer: relevant blocks & file size
… and device name (Android 6)

I have used .aisx extension in all images so that no one can know that it is image and loaded it in web viewer from assets using taifun tool. It worked well in One Plus 3T but show white screen in alcatel u5.
Also when I use .png extension it works well on all devices.

can you provide a link to that extension?

you are wasting other peoples time… why don’t you answer the questions?


Same problem to me.

@9999memes please start your own thread and add more information, see also how to ask


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What I understood he has changed the file extension from .png to .aisx and wondering why it is not working

Therefore, always the same question:
Why not posting a screenshot of the relevant blocks … and all inquiries would be obsolete.

You are right that I am using .aisx instead of .png . .aisx extension works in android 8 but not in android 6. I am trying to fool the copiers of my app.