Web viewer screen backpress

hellow, i have a web viewer component, with two vertical layout,
when i backpress screen from webviewer, it goes to MainGospel screen, but when i try to backpress again, nothing happen,

how do i backpress to go to MainScreen, this is what i have done


Is MainGospel an separate screen or an arrangement?
but you need to use this:

none of them is arrangment, they are independent layout

Okay, if it is a screen, then use this combined blocks:

But if “MainGospel” is a screen, you cannot make it “visible”. So MainGospel ist not a screen, but an arrangement.

sorry, they are not screen, i misunderstood the question

they are layout on screen one, i wanted when i backpress webviewer, MainGospel vertial layout to appear, and when i backpress maingospel, i wanted another layout (mainscreen-vierical scroll) to appear



I am not sure whether an arrangement itself can be addressed with “backpressed” .

there is an issue with how to set webviewer while backpress

For example when i click mainscreen, main gospel open, and when i backpress, it does go back to mainscreen

and when i backpress webviewer, it goes back to MainGospel, but when i backpress MainGospel, it does not go back to mainscreen

the issue here is how i set web component while backpressing, those arrangment are okay but how do i integrate them with web component while backpressing

Have you already corrected this mistake?



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thanks i solved it

i forgot visibility

That is the same block as in your first post.

Set webviewer . visible has made a difference

Ok I see! Little change, big result.

So I learned another thing. It is enough to say “If component.visible” instead of “If comonent.visible=true”.

Hope this is correct? @Peter

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