WebDB Manager for TinyWebDB

WebDB Manager allows you to easily manage your TinyWebDB database.

✅ Main features :

  • Create new tag or add existing one into the app’s tag list.
  • Decode URL-encoded values in one tap.
  • Edit tags very easily (copy actual value, encode in URL format …)
  • Manage several database, all your database are saved.
  • Fast, simple, lightweight …

Note :
For security reasons, there is no method to retrieve the list of all tags in the database.
Therefore, you must add tags of which you are aware, or create new ones. But don’t worry, the application keeps in memory all the tags already added!

⏱ Coming soon :

  • Support for other types of databases (Firebase, AsteroidDB …)
  • Sorting the tag list
  • Ideas ? Write them here :wink:

Feel free to report any problems or suggestions here

📱 Screenshots:

📥 Download on Play Store :

or Download APK (6,2 Mo)

TinyWebDBManager-noroundHave a good day !


I like your apps!


Is it possible to get the tag list?

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There is no way to get the tag list this with TinyWebDB :frowning: , but it will be possible with other databases (like Firebase…)


Really love your work!
Always great!

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For now :smirk:

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:small_red_triangle: Illuminati confirmed


Someone may find this useful: