Website Doesn't work well

Hello, I don’t know if it’s my nomas or I’m doing something wrong, but I did something simple like put a webview and in height I put it adjust and width the same, and I put the red background screen, And part of the screen is shown in the webview, apart from that if I want to write it happens to me the following, I leave you capture,

I guess you didn’t read the forum about the troubles with the webview?

Keep an eye on this topic. about what is solved. I unlist this topic because there were many already.

Use webview with card view. No problem will be faced by you. Webview have some bug which will be solved in next update till that time use webview with card view. Temporary solution till next update

I’m sorry I’ve been looking but I hadn’t realized that thanks :ok_hand: :+1: I’m going to read it

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How Do I Do That?

Thk bro :ok_hand: :+1: It worked well.

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Why not just wait for a solution. Developers hope to have an update by tomorrow. There is already a solution for the webview problem available from the App Inventor developers. The Kodular developers can use that in Kodular. Just be patient.

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Okay, I’m going to wait thanks for the information and I don’t speak English so I find it a little hard to look for information like that

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