Webview a weird problem

good morning,
I’m having a little trouble with webview.
I have a screen with webview that opens a web page, on this site there are articles, the articles are created with a simple method I put an image and a title and I add a URL when we click we are redirected to the site that contains this article, the purpose is to gather articles from different websites on a single web page.

this method works well but the design of the title and the image are a bit old, so I used HTML code to create cards (embedded code) that contain the image and the title

and this is what creates my problem when I click on the card in web browser the URL opens but in the application with webview the URL of the card does not open the other links work normally

I don’t want to open the links in a web browser. I want to stay in the webview.

I want to know why the links using the HTML code and the cards doesn’t open and the others do.

Can you show your blocks?
And your html code?

my cod




card with HTML the others with the visual tools of the website

But if for every card you put a url, it doesn’t work?

From what we can see in the video, that’s not all the html code…

It’s an explanation code. I didn’t want to put the links in to keep it easy to read.

for each card I put a code
in the web browser pc and Mobil the cards open normally but in the app with webview it does not open.
this is the web page

I didn’t quite understand ( From what we can see in the video, that’s not all the html code… )

I’m looking at the source code of the website, and it has too many scripts.

The web viewer is a little “basic.” With so many sripts, there’s something that’s not letting your links work.
I would do a simple html with basic cards without scripts, just html and some css. There are many templates and code on the internet.
I took out an easy CodePen code to test and it works, so the problem you have is the code of your html page…

If you try it with this link, it works…

Thank you it works, I will create a simple html page and host it.

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