Webview don´t open it

as you do, I can’t do it anymore. before it was just to put webview and name of the site, to open a site when entering the page of the kodular and it is not working, there was some change, please

I don’t know if you read what you write or do it with a translator, but I don’t understand what you mean. I don’t think anyone can help you that way.
Use the DEEPL translator, because Google is not very good hehe

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Honestly, it was the last time I asked here, I didn’t get anything, I had to pay and I received these comments, I thought you felt that I know here, and I was willing to help you. It is discouraging to continue doing something kodular. I don’t know anything English, I’m afraid to translate and translate it.

Try in your own language.

A questao é nao ter resposta satisfatoria e ainda na verdade, um chamada de atençao. e nenhuma resolutividade

You have to enter website url to open particular website.

P.S. I think you are aware new community feature i.e. Auto Translate ; which will translate any known language in english.

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ola Pepocero nao fiz blocos pq quero abrir ja na pagina inicial, entao coloco webvieu e coloco endereço site url, numa pagina funcionou, ja em outra funcionava, dai eu tirei e agora que coloco nao abre da err refused. grata

Ola Pepo, resolvi, é por que o melhor é copiar la do site e trazer para kodular e nao digitar, por isso nao estava indo. grata

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