Webview for payment links

i want to integrate paytm payment link in my app using webview. is it any policy violation related to webview spam policy ?
using of a webview is a policy violation then how i integrate payment link in my app?

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You can use webview for payment but you can’t use webview for other sites…
If you want usevother sites in your app take the permission first…

The best way to integrate payment without app-in-billing is using Paytm API’s.

Here i give you a tutorial: YouTube

Good Luck!

I saw you’ve written you want to integrate paytm payments link. But let me warn you that PayTM Payments Link can be paid only once. That means a paytm link expires after someone pays with that link. So only 1 person will be able to pay and then it will show invalid link.

Please integrate PayTM API for payments.
But if still you want to integrate PayTM Payments link. I’ll tell you how to setup the blocks!

yes please

But remember your paytm payment link can be paid only once then it will expire. And you have to change again and again and that is not possible.

I Think If We Do This With Paytm Business Link Then We Can Use It in one time link’

Paytm business link will expired after one payment only…

Which type of Paytm link will not expire after fix time.

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You can use razorpay, payoneer, instamojo Or paypal…

will their links not expired for any time or after one time payment ?

No their link will not expire.