Webview "only open external url" in browser

I’ve been trying for days and have already searched and tried here.
Since I’m from Germany, I’m probably looking for the wrong terms.

I would like every click on a link and the URL that is not available within https://domain.com to open the external link in the browser.
If I set follow links, everything opens in the app, if I set use browser, every link within the page opens in the browser.

So with every click on a link that does not belong to https://domain.com, the browser should open because I do not know the external URLs.

Please help a beginner once.
Thank you
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i didnt understand your question , i think you want if web url not contains domain.com then open in external url, so you need to check if current Url is not contains text domain.com then enable external browser,

Excuse me for not speaking english.
I’m trying here with the community and the google translation to help me but what will be output as german doesn’t always fit … With webview we open the page https://meinname.com and it works well too.
Within the https://meinname.com website are links to https://meinname2.com.

However, other external links could also be added.

Every link that leads away from https://myname.com should be opened in the browser.
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is https://domain.com your own domain, so you can modify the source code of the webpage?
if yes, you can add some logic and use the webviewstring of the webviewer to return the link to Kodular and then use the activity starter to open an external browser together with that link…

How does the property Webviewer.WebViewString work?
Using the Activity Starter


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then use,

if webviewer current url is not equal to home page(https://meinname.com) then set open external browser to true.

try using this,

blocks - 2020-02-01T202544.895

or this,

blocks - 2020-02-01T202711.484


Thanks, I’ll give it a try

All other links included in the website that do not refer to (https://meinname.com), such as google.com will then open in the browser.
Have I understood that correctly ?

it is now 00:30 in Germany and I can not get it.
A finished simple project would be great because I could import myself so that I understand Kodular, otherwise I’ll be there in 3 months …
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here it is,

test_web.aia (1.7 KB)


Only the external URL should open in the browser
But it doesn’t work.
The browser is always opened and that is wrong

i dont know what you mean by external url.

all links that only apply within http://peterlustig.eu5.net/
Page 1
Page 2
and so on should be opened in the direct app

all external link google.com yahoo.com cnn.com. …
must open the browser and be opened there

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here is your solution,

blocks - 2020-02-03T114815.967

I’m stupid ?
It doesn’t work.

Chrome or firefox should open and open the external links there.

It always opens in the app and then I can’t get back to http://peterlustig.eu5.net

You have to follow Taifun’s advice.

i dont know, but i cant see complete blocks in your given screenshot, like where is,

When Web_Wiewer1 .Progress Changed,

I have to take a break now, I’m totally irritated … :Stirnrunzeln:

Maybe this will work the way you intended:




That is the solution!


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