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Hi Developers!

I was trying to build some apps based on WebView component and some responsive websites, my websites have the ability to share content using Facebook Share button, but when I try sharing using the WebViewer component it just redirects me to about:blank URL!
I suppose that the WebViewer opens the Facebook share popup in a new window in the browser and closes the current one, but unfortunately I can’t follow the Facebook share URL, I know that the WebView component is not a full browser, so we may expect behaviors like this, but I am urgently in need to fix that problem as soon as possible!

I hope that someone can help, Thanks & Happy coding!

You can use JavaScript in your site to set WebView string, when share button is clicked on site.
Then you can use When WebView string change block in kodular to detect the event.
Then use Activity Starter to share it on Facebook.


Sounds like a great idea!
Another question please: Is there any possibilities to detect when the WebViewer send the user for an external link, when I turn on the USE EXTERNAL BROWSER in the WebView component it sends the user to external device browsers when the LINK is changed, is there any possibilities to handle that event?

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I don’t think you can do that, because App Inventor apps can’t work in background.

And yes, if the previous post solved your initial question, then mark it as solution :ballot_box_with_check:.

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