Webviewer component as full browser

I know that the makeroid’s web viewer is not a full browser due to which it does not support java scripts and cannot load some urls. So can it become a full browser by supporting java scripts and many other. Also if you have planned to add it in the next release then can you please tell that when it will get added. If not yet then please fix the browser by making it as a full browser as many of the users want to create a full browser from the superb builder.

This is not possible for the sttaff. If it is porssible they will implement it. The problem is that the builder is not written in java. For the most things the viewer is good You can work with the device browser. And if you read the google policy, a lot of things is not allowed in the viewer so the normal viewer is good enought. I would like some feature for the viewer too like open java scipt and so on but it is not possible in the moment. A lot of threads about that.

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