Webviewer do not upload

Describe your issue

I use web viewer and noticed that it doesnt upload anything. when ever i click on upload from website like fb/insta nothing happens.

Steps to reproduce the issue

use a web viewer and try uploading something.

Expected Behaviour

it should upload instantly bcz I have fast internet connection 10MBPS+

Actual Behaviour

nothing happens

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Android version


it is not a Bug!
WebViewer is not a complete browser and it does not support uploading.
Use an external browser or Chrome Custom Tabs for that

Bytheway, You can use AppyBuilder, their webviewer supports uploading.
However, AppyBuilder isn’t as advance as Kodular!


why web viewer does not support upload?

Because :point_down:


please sir give me solution for that.
my app will be useless without upload support i req u plz

I’ve already told you that!
Use Custom Tabs or External Browser at the time of uploading or switch to AppyBuilder.

Mark it as a SOLUTION if it helped


no this is no solution
@Kodular help me @Diego

Mr Sid is right you must go with custom tabs , did you try???

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always try to think differently, instead of asking a direct solution.
according to your requirement what you can do is -

set the upload page url in a global variable and whenever that url is opened in a web viewer open that link using external browser or chrome custom tabs.


Ya This Reply will become the Solution !
@techcvr Win the War !

oke genious
lets assume I did what you said. Now an uploading link is opened in the external browser or chrome custom tabs now the user has to login again there. let’s assume my apps users are so stupid that they won’t mind logging twice without thinking of anything suspicious activity and they have uploaded what they want to.

what after that?? how I will I detect that? how I will bring them again to my app?
tell me genius

first of all keep all your attitude in your pocket…

if you think this method wont work on your app then dont use it,
let me remind you again… this is kodular so you have to work according to the kodular system, dont compare it with others. if kodular is not good enough for you then you are free to go to android studio or any other app inventor platform where web viewer supports uploading.

thats your job to think how to do it, not mine…

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