Webviewer Error: Unknown URL Scheme

In My Kodular App i Make a webviwer but in exterbal links are not open in my app its show me error what to do now

Show the error and your webviewer blocks please.

Hey @yasmin_kaladiya111
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You should post some screenshots of errors and the blocks you set and the links you are trying to open in order to get proper solution…
By the way please read this carefully How to ask a question?


For now, I think deeplinking is not possible in Kodular.
By the way, is that an earning app?

The link looks like an earning app…
And deep link

For now

Hello @yasmin_kaladiya111
Bro it’s link of Facebook coin master game so you can’t open this link in kodular webviewer you want to open link then use firebase another Airtable after open link with activity starter it’s very easy for you

Thank You

Use a activity stater component

When url is not contain’s http://
You can use activity starts with url
After webview loading

can u explain mr how plz

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Could you explain in more detail

This work blocks (2)

There are some options like “Action” “Data Uri” “.Start Activity”, which does not exist in kodular, what is a viable solution for this?

can you please elaborate how is your question related to this thread?
you are probably looking for Activity Starter properties?