Webviewer not work properly in kodular eagle

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hello everyone i try the kodular eagle version webview componeto show my website but its not working means when i touch or click any part of my web page its not respond but when i click on any pirts of website just up its work whats the problame ?

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i dont know

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Android version

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please check the new webviewer peroblame and tell me what i do

web veiwer its not working when i click mi website parts


yes but what can i do when i touch any part of web page its not responding but it stil scrolling what i do please give a solution

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There is currently no solution


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what is the alternative way to view my website

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what is the alternative way to view my website in my app

I have the same problem with Webview. A small temporary solution that I have tried but not fully functional is to put Webview inside a Cardview.

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I am also facing problem with webview

A very (harsh) temporary solution might be to use a fast timer that triggers something (eg set Label.Text = empty string). This ensures that the webView does not collapse.

yes the cardview trick is work


work this trick. thankyou

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