Webviewer Page Loaded Error

I have error of Webviewer Page Loaded Component


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i have same problem
(only companion)
kodular 1.5.2 companion not yet

App Center download this

What is it? Why is it not on Play Store?

It will come to the play store soon. You can find this link on the update page.

Thank You :+1:

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I have also used web viewer in my app but i don’t have faced this kind of issue till now.
My device android version is 11.
My app is updated after Kodular 1.5.2 Fenix Release. That means my app’s api level is 30.
App Link : [BETA] Gamers Spot - An Esports & Community App V3.0.7

Please let me know if you find the same issue in my app.

It’s seem only problem in companion. After install the apk it has no error

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update the companion, see also