Webviewer .webviewstring is not correctly executed

Hello I was trying to set up a new project with a template by @IloveThunkable , the Navigation Drawer Activity ( I replaced the FAB extension with the component in Makeroid, so it acts correctly) but the navigation drawer does not work at all. The problem is, if I’m not wrong, in the webviewer which does not execute properly the html file/string assigned.
This same problem I noticed in executing @Taifun listview_thumbnail and other similar ones , in which the event handler which should manage the user choice in the list doesn’t work. So the list shows but is not possible to do any choice.

I enclose an aia file related to first case, as the second is happens in Taifun’s paid software, maybe is better than himself check the matter.NavigationDrawerActivityMakeroid.aia (16,6 KB)

see this thread https://groups.google.com/d/msg/mitappinventortest/Iwo-UQGuGSM/J_13OwhLBAAJ

Here I am, @Ben in Thunkable (ILoveThunkable) :slight_smile:

I know the problem @Taifun is talking about but in @Ben template the web viewer is pointing already to Url and not to Home and in Taifun listview I substituted the addresses blocks as needed to make rhem work. In fact the webviiewers showtheir html pointed files almost perfectly but they, probably, do not catch anymore the event e.g. button clicked or the same object button is not correctly managed (that seems true especially in @Ben template. Both apps work well in thunkable.

I know the reason for that problem.
Will be fixed in the next update.

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