Hi everyone,

I am making an app which simply loading a website in WebViwer but I am wondering why my app asks for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission?

Clarifications:- I am not using any Database component, Push notification, file or any other component which (As I know) asks for WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

I have WebViewer, Circular Progress, AdMob component, nothing else.

Please answer if anyone knows the reason behind this permission.

Thank you all.

Because webviewwr has an event on download needed wich requries this permission if you used a download component.

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Hi @Robert, Thank you for your answer.

As I understand Webviewer has a download event that requires this permission but as you mentioned I have to use any download component to prompt this permission and I didn’t use anything like that.

My Webviewer website doesn’t have any downloadable file to download or load.

Please reply.

Thanks again.

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the permission is by component and not by method, i.e. the webviewer requires that permission because you theoretically could use that method…

however you can use AppToMarket or ApkModder to modify the manifest of the app and remove not required permissions




Thank you for the help @Taifun. I was really looking something like this. I know there are some permissions require by default. I need something that can help me to modify these. I am going to try the Apptomarket.

Thanks again.

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But please dont come back later to us and ask why your apk not longer works after your edit is done…

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Hi @Mika ,

Thank you for the reply.

I understand your concern. I am just experimenting with these permissions. If Apk will not work then surely I will use an unmodified version of APK.

Thank you.

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Hi @sshobhit776,

did you found anything useful because I’m facing same type of problem . :persevere:

or any type of breakthrough??

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