Welcome to the redefined All In One

(Nathan) #22

Those who have hosts, because I completely forgot to put out a warning before the last update, I’d like to put one out now. Over the next few days, I’ll be renaming some 64+ blocks to their proper names, going off of Device, App, Home, or Cellular. You’ll see what I mean when a lot of the blocks most likely break your app. So what I would like you to do, is when the update has been released, just replace the blocks that have the same description with the new one. I’m also going over SDK requirements as a precaution to if I’ve gotten any wrong.


Looking at what I’ve done this whole week to improve the SDK error functions… and blocks. This will I REPEAT this will break your app completely if you don’t know what you’re doing as some blocks will be turned into void and not be able to fit into a label. It will allow you to put more effort in your app. I’m telling you now, blocks will be scattered everywhere. It won’t be something you can undo either unless you don’t want new features so you’re forced to upgrade otherwise. Before this update which will be on Sunday, I would like everyone to have a great next week fixing your apps and have a good weekend up until then because it will be a living **** for me too. This change was only done to correct blocks that request get in from of the function. Get blocks are normally voids.

(Vishal) #24

waiting for new version

(Nathan) #25

Hosts Andromeda - V3


An Icon

I think there’s a new icon :thinking:… Wonder what it is.

New SDK System

Starting with the recreation of Hosts… it began with the SDK System. Where there was a preset error and not allowing customization. Now you can do that. While it’s more stable now there are possibly some errors which will show up.

Larger than I thought

Originally I thought before uploading the AIX that it’d be smaller. Nope. It’s larger :joy:.

Blocks (NEW)

- CameraID should be set to 0 for back facing flashlight.

Events (NEW)

Properties (NEW)

- SDK Error allows you to customize the error which is shown upon the Android SDK not being able to run the function. It’s preset by default, but can be changed.
- Suppress Errors allows you to show your SDK Error on ONLY string variables. This will not overwrite boolean and int variables where [false, 0] will still be shown whether this is on or off.

SDKError SuppressErrors



Our total number of blocks: 85.
How many were added: 53.


- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

Now Enjoy

tk.meteorcoder.hosts.aix (30.9 KB)

Please help me .. Runtime error showing in my app
Index of Available Extensions
Mobile operator information
(Shreyash) #26

It reminds me of something…

(Nathan) #27

Im going off of the Constellations to version like Kodular.

(Nathan) #28

No need to worry about this anymore. I had my account deleted because of AppyBuilder Staff not knowing if it’d work on AppyBuilder because I showed it with Kodular blocks :roll_eyes:. They flagged every post of mine on my topic except the ones without Kodular pictures.

(David Ningthoujam) #29

I tried it out today. Really good extension @MeteorCoder thanks for amazing work :grinning:

(Nathan) #30

You’re late :sunglasses:

(David Ningthoujam) #31

apologize :hugs:, and i hope to see amazing extensions made by you in future :star_struck:

(Nathan) #32

I don’t think there is a feature for any of us :wink: @David
Take this here juicy fruit link :joy: Don’t drink juice children, very unhealthy…


and this one

Just do research :joy:

Don’t apologize, you’re late, why be late to apologize :joy:

You too.

(Vishal) #33

i feel so bad, i want to try new updated extension now but due to my exams i cant. :persevere:

(Nathan) #34

Don’t worry, there’s another extension I’m working on everyone will be quick to add :wink: It’s something from AI that has been requested many times in the past on this Community and others.

(Shreyash) #35

Now don’t tell me it’s something like tasks or background services. :joy:

(Nathan) #36

:joy: IDK what it is, I only just reviewed the code I can use for this awesome extension, maybe I can donate it to Kodular, if it works :joy:.

(Shreyash) #37

I just don’t understand how you get time to write extensions during these days of school, I’m not even free to touch my lappy and sadly not permitted too. :tired_face:

(Nathan) #38

I had 3 days off this week of school because of Snow and now a Polar Vortex today (cold temperatures which could kill you from breathing outside). I always have time because I have something called Free Time in the morning at school, its a full hour, and if I think I can finish my school work from the day before when it was assigned, then I do it there.

This isn’t getting me anywhere.

(Shreyash) #39

Hey, what’s that… Natha??! :sweat_smile:

(Nathan) #40

It’s only Hosts throwing 100 errors on build :joy: nothing special that I’ve added is causing this… It’s just a bug with ant extensions

(Shreyash) #41

I have some work for you, if you are willing to do it. Are you? PM…

(Nathan) #42

Sure PM me. I have 10 hours.