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(Marlon Rodríguez) #43

Can I get the following information with this extension? =


and other DATA NetWork Phone?

(Vishal) #44

Nathan told me to tell you that he added MNC and MCC, and they are working… With many more options available.

(Nathan) #45

We have a problem Houston…

(Marlon Rodríguez) #46


That block is out of wave :joy:

(Nathan) #47

There’s even more on normally zoomed:

It goes off the edge, literally :joy:

(Marlon Rodríguez) #48

This is especially chaotic when you try to open the backpack, it does not leave space on the canvas to close it haha

(Nathan) #49

It’s not my fault I added all these blocks :rofl:

(Marlon Rodríguez) #50

The permissions that these blocks use are added when you use the component, or when you add the blocks ?, or ask for all the permissions without needing to use almost all of them?

(Nathan) #51

You’re required to use the AskForPermission block on Kodular, I’ll try adding them before Sunday.

(Philipp Lang) #52

hello guys, i love my feature = is emulator. This feature was my idea and i thank you that you have implemented it. I have a question, is it possible to check if a app is debugging?
If this is possible to check if the running apk is debugging or if a apk for debugging is installed than do: What you want. This could help us to make the app safer. The block check for running a debugging apk or if the app is debugged in that moment. than i dont download my api keys from my private server. So it is harder for people to get our api keys, if the app recognice if a debugging app is installed or the running app is debugged in that moment the app dont take the needed apikeys for any third party service like firebase. If all is ok the app starts to connect with the server and take the needed keys.

(Nathan) #53

Thank you for your question @plang58! I can try adding this. If good to go then it’ll be out Sunday.

Edit: I’ve added this and it works!

(Marlon Rodríguez) #54

You can add a function that detects a specific App independently of the package ?, such as a decompilation app or root tool

(Philipp Lang) #55

This will make our apps much much much safer bc as i told , i want to check at the app start if a debugger app is installed and if a emulator is running and if the apk is debugged with other things , than my app will not dornwload the api keys for firebase and other third party services. If all things are ok the app start the connection to my server orand dowload all the keys for that run.

while the app is running you can make a procedure each 10 sec or so to check if someone wants to debug the app or installed a debugger app. Than the procedure will delete the keys or stopped the connection to my server.
so the people which want to get the keys have more problems to get the keys what he need to make troubles on and with my third party services, like he delete the firefox database.

A lot of people who want to take some keys out of a app, uses emulators for that and apps like logcat or other apps. I know there is no possibility to make a app 100%safe but we have to make it hard to get our keys.And a few people which do that are non coder and are tiny kids, if they habe troubles with their 0815 methods they will give up and take another app for their plays.

The idea with the emulator was my idea and i say again thank you for that block, i think it is a good block to help us to get more safty if you use the block in the right way.
Thank you for that .

I hope you can bring thjis new idea from me to work also.
This would be a great feature too.
Maybe you make a dynamic list for theese apps what you can manually and fast update if a new app for decompile is out in the playstore. You can put the new apk package name in the dynamic list and the block take each time when he is in use the updated list. Maybe in a spreadsheet and in the background the block look into the spreadsheet and take the package names or dont know what is needed to look for apps like this.
The spreadsheet have to be online or you make it so that we have to put a file into our asset folder and the block checks for needed things in the file each time.

Hope this could help. I am not a developer (java ) so i have no idea how to make that.

(Nathan) #56

@ExtensionDevelopers can someone do this?

(Nathan) #57


It took me a while to figure this out, but my official domain for my website is https://meteorkoder.ml. This means all my currently supported apps will be renewed with ml.meteorkoder.appName[extensionName] package name (including future and current extensions). You’re able to now view my site as per this reply.

There was an issue with HTTPS reported at first when viewing the Site, however has ever since been fixed!

(Nathan) #58

Hosts Delphinus - V4


New Permission System (Mandatory)

To align with recent App Inventor Distribution changes to the way permissions work, I’ve updated Hosts to comply with that change. Applies to all void blocks. Per requested by myself and @imancol at reply #50

Blocks (Requested & New)

- CameraID has been removed from ToggleFlashlight. Now automatically chosen for app efficiency.
- Added GetDebugging from reply #52 thanks to @plang58
- Added additional CheckAllPermissions block to ensure all required permissions were accepted or denied (only for Hosts). This is only for precautions, all void blocks have this automatically. However the way I have them setup now, will not loop back to the functions you were trying to do. You’ll see improvements & tweaks on this within the next few updates.

Events (Requested & New)

- New variables have been added and modified on event blocks
- Added MNC & MNN from reply #42 thanks to @imancol
- GotDebugging checks if Debugging is enabled or disabled. If enabled then it will do functions inside the event block… Otherwise, it won’t send a signal to the event block.


Let’s be a real Dev (Requested & New)

Hosts now provides you with a Debugging property. You can use the block Hosts[int].GetDebugging to start actions under the when Hosts[int].GotDebugging event. You can use this in case you have a public build which you have dev stuff in and would like to modify its visibility quickly or other properties. Added from reply #52 thanks to @plang58



I hope you like this release… I really worked hard testing the new permission system which I just had to keep redoing because I didn’t understand the categories which Phone covered, then I saw that it covers READ_PHONE_STATE and that’s when I noticed, I was doing everything right, but in a better way at the end :joy:. Anyway, thanks for suggesting new things which I could add, and I’m hoping I could continue to add more in the next release. :blush: enjoy!

ml.meteorkoder.hosts.aix (40.5 KB)

Total of 83 blocks. 11 of them, which are new or modified.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #59

@MeteorCoder wow Genial!. No hay quien te pare…

The more you add, the more things you should add.

(Nathan) #60

I know, thank you :bowing_man:

(Nosrej Chaokad) #61

Wow thank you for this. One question is it possible you can use open vpn source code and turn it into extension ? to make a vpn app

(Nathan) #62

I can take a look into your request but, I cannot promise you’ll ever see it within your lifetime or mine.