Welcome to the redefined All In One

(Nathan) #1

Improvements and Tweaks

All-In-One changed to Hosts
ml.meteorcoder.allinone changed to tk.meteorcoder.hosts
New blocks have been added and tweaked.
Less imports have been used.
Tweaks have been made to all blocks preventing them from now returning any errors which may occur… Hint, none will ever show or even happen.
Upgrades to the String & Int core… No long strings are needed for returns.
Exception is now thrown for those values which cannot be found, are null, or if the block is invalid.

API Requirements range from 1 to 23 max. I’ve tested all blocks to make sure they work correctly, they do. IsEmulator can be tested on an Emulator, I only tested on a real device and it returned false, if it returns false on an Emulator, post the issue here. I kept my promise new blocks were coming :hugs: Below are the blocks shown.

Required Permissions

android.permission.READ_SMS Removed recently due to Google, also unnecessary.


BaseOS Board Bootloader Brand CarrierName Codename DataNetworkType DataState Device DisplayCountry DisplayName DisplayScript Host ID IMEI Incremental IsDataEnabled IsEmulator IsNetworkRoaming ISO3Country ISO3Language Manufacturer Meid Model NetworkType PhoneNumber PreviewSDKAsInt Product Release SDKAsInt SecurityPatch SystemLanguage Tags Time Timezone User

Notice to Users

Some descriptions do NOT have a description and only have the Required API as them. Don’t attempt to tell me there is no REAL description. For now read the description of the block to know what it does. If it only has the Required API then just test it, they won’t break your app.

Total # of Blocks: 36


tk.meteorcoder.hosts.aix (13.5 KB)


In order for this to work properly, reset the Companion connection after adding the Extension then reconnect to your app, or else it will return that there is no Class.

Device info permission Extension not working
Can any one Tell Me How To Get Device IMEI Number?
Is it possible to use Google invisible Recaptcha?
How To Open Internet Settings With Activity Starter
(Nikhil27B YT) #2

Thank You Bro For Aix :wink:

(Nathan) #3

Thanks… It took me 5 days to set this one post up LOL, I put more than what I’ve got into it. More coming shortly.


thank you for your contribution

you might want to consider to create different extensions for each permission type, else someone who likes to use only one method from your extension is required to have all these permissions in the app… usually you like to have as less permissions as possible…


(Nathan) #5

Will do so.

How i can add imei in kodular error is still alive
(aa bb) #6

I have error with it

(Nathan) #7

Yeah, you need to accept the Permission. Go into Settings and do that or reinstall the app. And even if you did, it says “Nor current process HAS android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE”. My app contains these Permissions: @UsesPermissions(permissionNames = "android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE, android.permission.READ_PHONE_NUMBERS, android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE").

And again if you “did” accept the Permission, I wouldn’t see this either:

…I denied the Permission.

(Nathan) #8

Improvements and Tweaks

Added 9 new blocks
Fixed IsDataEnabled error - i-CPU - Get All Details About Your Device In One Place
Fixed typo (PreviewSDKAsint > PreviewSDKAsInt)
New highest API requirement is 24

Required Permissions

None have been added or removed.




Thanks to @Vaibhav for reporting the bug. No blocks have been broken as far as I know.

Total # of blocks: 45 (I think this is the most powerful extension now for getting device information.)

tk.meteorcoder.hosts.aix (15.8 KB)

GetDeviceId: Neither user 11279 nor current process has android.permision.READ_PHONE_STATE
(Nathan) #9

I know this was fast but, a new release is coming in a few days with some new blocks and new ways to throw errors…

Do you like it so far?

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Requires 5 likes.

(Nathan) #10

1 more like… 1 more day left.

@Vaibhav Oh come on xD :joy:


Haha :joy::joy: Now show the sneak peeks :smile: :smile:

(Nathan) #12

Give me 9 minutes for this to build, it takes forever :rofl:

(Nathan) #13


So I’ve added something for detecting whether the device has the correct SDK, so you don’t have too. It’ll return SDK [SDKAsInt] isn’t supported. Unfortunately because my phone has a higher SDK than requirements, I can’t show it off…

Third: Adding to this, max API will heighten to 26.
Fourth: 6 new blocks :wink:

(Nathan) #14

Save yourself from the godliness coming tomorrow, let us all save your apps from the destruction which will ruin your competitors in device information history. :pray:

(Nathan) #15


- Added 19 new blocks
- Bugs during testing have been fixed
- If your SDK isn’t supported, it will return a String, Number, or Boolean for your error (SDK [int] isn’t supported, 0, or false)
- New max SDK is 27
- Organized code + comments to mark releases
- Renamed (CarrierName => DataProviderName)
- Just a note to those who also belong to the AppyBuilder Community, I do rollout upgrades 1 month later than the currently supported AI Distro.


- android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (NEW)


Total # of blocks: 64


Hope you enjoy this release :blush: Took 19 days.

Released at 12:00 PM exact for me on January 20, 2019.

tk.meteorcoder.hosts.aix (22.0 KB)

One user in one device
(Yusuf Cihan) #16

A lot of blocks which I won’t use :joy:

(Nathan) #17

Alot of replies, which I don’t care about :joy:

(Yusuf Cihan) #18

I don’t think you understand correctly. :thinking: I didn’t tell anything wrong. :innocent: I mean, there are a lot of blocks more than I needed. So it is good :+1:

(Nathan) #19

No, I don’t think you understand correctly. I meant there are too many comments for me to look at in one sitting.

(Nathan) #21

So today, we had a big update, and we’ll be having another one shortly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I would like to take this time to ask if you guys would take a survey for Hosts in hope for the feature you want gets added. I’ll try anything you submit, if it fails you may get an email, if it works you may get a surprise and an email.