We've detected this app uses an unsupported version of Play billing - Play store

While trying to launch my new app on play store I was shown this error message:
We’ve detected this app uses an unsupported version of Play billing. Please upgrade to Billing Library version 4 or newer to publish this app. Learn More.
This is the error am encountering after using the in-app purchase component made available by modular.
Please what can I do?

The Kodular billing component is outdated… use a billing extension… you can find 3 extensions after doing a search here in the community


The Kodular Billing component is out of date. Search the community for free and paid billing extensions that are up to date.

Edit: here’s a free one:

Please I’ll need an air file
Cause I don’t really understand the implementation

I’ve tried multiple extensions for billing, for sdk v5, I’ll recommend you to use this as it has all the blocks you need and there’s no bug, Jewel and I have tested and removed all the possible bugs : )

Demo blocks are also available there :upside_down_face:

I need is a tutorial or aia file
I can’t afford to make any mistake with the implementation please
Thank you

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