What app is allowed to be monetization..?

Hello what app is allowed to be monetization in kodular ?
And i have question

1 - If somebody hate me and click in my ads in app many times about 10 times per day in my ads ( can i get suspend in admob / fb / startapp etc etc…?

{ADD} if anyone clicks 5 times on my ad I want a tab to appear there: you have clicked many times on this ad please try again tomorrow! Can kodular do this…?

Thank You!

You can check this for the monetization guide:


I dont think so

Yes you can do this, but i think its not necessary

Thank u very much for u help and thnx for speeding time with me :smiley: , i need this because i dont want others to click many times in my ads thats why :frowning: i dont want to risk :frowning:

You really should ask this in respective community…

No guarantee from Kodular!

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Hi thnx for reply , i just need answer from community kodular because all of u are the best for app thats i ask! :slight_smile: