What are Services

Hi koders,
I want know about Android Services.
What are Services? how to create them? Can we manage to create services from Kodular itself???
Your answeres are appreciated

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Why not use Google?


Kodular can not run apps in the background. That is something App Inventor worked on but has paused for the time being.


Thanks but how to create it any online platform like kodular available???

So you can’t create service in any appinventor based platform

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No builder around has this capability at the moment.

There is only a testserver available at the moment which hasn’t been updated in a long time.



I was talking about any other platform referring kodular there meant that the platform is easy to use I know it cannot be made by app inventor

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You know there is something called Google, try using it sometime.



Oh! ,
I used Google too but it couldn’t find the results so I thought to ask it to the developers because they would now it better and can even explain or suggest alternates.
Anyways thanjs for your beautiful aansere, as mentioned above “Every answere is appreciated”

Now this is getting interesting. Was submitted to Github. Can anyone of the developers shine a light on this. Is this going to make running in the background a bit closer?


It’s time we take the time to thank ColinTree :pray:


This PR (pull request) means not background services.
It is to execute blocks in a asynchron way.
Means you can use it as example to load many images asynchron (without freezing the screen).


So here’s what you’re saying…

It’s misleading to human humanity?

I think Pull Request is more appropriate for that. :sweat_smile:

What do you want?? @hammerhai
@Peter asked for details and I wrote them

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I mean, the block run in background seems to be misleading if it can’t actually do what it means, besides for loading things async.

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