What are the other methods that i can use to monetize my web view app

My apps main ui is a webpage and there are other features as login,otp and force updates that i used kodular to make. Since my app got 3000 installs within a week + 10k-20k app views in a day im planing on monetizing the app. But as i know kodular wont give permission to use admobs for web view apps and adsense wont let us use adsense on apps. What are the other options that i can make money from only from ads since im planing on keeping the app/webpage free for all(atleast to cover up the server fees?)

Im already using adsense on my webpage but im disabling the adaense js from apps, so atleast 50% of possible revenue is disabled

Try finding a way to make your app paid. Maybe try Stripe or something.

but i want to keep my app and website free for users is there any other way?

You can join affiliate programs tailored to your content and create your own ads