What can this be?

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I just found that this image got shared everywhere, and nobody really guessed anything about it :confused:
Let’s see who figures out all the info that it has (because it’s not only a time) :yum:


So the update will be available on 31.1.2020 or 31.12.2019?:thinking:
Or that’s not true​:sweat_smile:


The only secret thing instead of date which I found this picture is update icon looks like house icon :sweat_smile:

Kodular sending update to the houses :houses:
“Build your house without any line of code”


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Or 2019.01.03?

Well, I’m assuming the large numbers are the date it’s to be going to us, 3/1/2020, 1/3/2020, or 1/2020 which would be the start of January which I’ve debugged from the article @Diego wrote on the Kodular Korner a few months ago. The 3 could show how many modules are being majorly upgraded? While the 16:00 Central European Time which is 4:00 PM would be 10 AM EST.

Upon further inspection of the image, the alt name shows as 3_jan_rel_1_

There is also clearly 1 purple arrow and 2 grey and white arrows. This must stand for the 3 as I said, but it still doesn’t give a clear message :thinking:


I believe it’s January 3rd 2020 or some other day within January. If the update was to come on March I think December is way to early to announce it, especially if it contains only 3 upgrades. Unless they’re major upgrades :thinking: :smile:


But then how would January 3rd be January 1st? January 1st would be better to release an update if it contains compatibility options for AppyBuilder apps migrating over.

The upgrade will come on January 3rd, 2020 at time 16:00 CET with 3 major upgrades. Kodular version will be upgraded.
I think major upgrades will be;

  1. Increase of app size limit.
  2. Successful collaboration with AppyBuilder.

It doesn’t have to be January 1st. It’s new year’s day so it makes sense if they moved the release date 2 days later so they can celebrate without worrying about the platform.

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In my opinion in the next update, any component could be dynamic,
here’s proof: Want dynamic Horizontal and Vertical arrangement extension....

I think Next Update:
Fish, Fox or Flamingo

as i think,

31 upgrades from kodular coming to you at 16:00 central European time, 2020 :heart_eyes:


It seems like everyone has something clear: something will happen some day at 16:00 :laughing:
But you don’t get to agree in the day or in the special update :roll_eyes:




3/1/2020 could be a rough date.


No Diego, you put us in this position :joy:

Ok so let’s just agree (for now) assuming the worst, January 3rd is the date, BUT if I am right… I told you all so.

It would only be good updates without a dynamic horizontal component

Creating premium dynamic menus without them is impossible

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actually you can do it, only you have to do is to use an horizontal scroll arrangement instead an vertical scroll arrangement


3 major updates:
1.More dynamic components
2.News on Commission
3.App works in Background

Lottie files without error in companion
Youtube player with quality and playback speed

I dont consider those major.