What do you suggest I add to the app

Hello People :wave:t2: , how are u ?
i create app with webviewer for my business
what do you suggest I add to the app?
Coming soon im going to put option to earn money others in my app for example for views… but i need to know what to add more in my app ? Thnx!
And how much ads to put it on my app?

Do not put any ads in your app if it’s just a webviewer.


why ? i see many app they have ads on it

Is it your website? @Official if yes then you can put ads else not

Also note that earning apps are not allowed in Kodular


-- not for ads but for views per post -- im going to put that option in my site not in my app!

Yes :slight_smile: , Can i put just one interstitial and one banner can i have success :slight_smile: to earn a lot money :stuck_out_tongue: , for example if i have 100k download of course …

But if i create earning apps in kodular and i publish it on play store can i get approved for showing ads ?

I think if you own the website then there is no harm in adding ads but the better way is put ads in your website (use Google ads )only rather than in the app

I put the website in google adsense but im waiting for getting approved but i want to put ads and in my app… to earn from both and from google adsense and from admob

Good luck with your suspension.