What does the error mean here

there is a lot of code and i don’t know where i went wrong. everything is working correctly but such a warning comes up.soru4

Send the screenshot…

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Use the get length of list block check the lengths of both the “value” variables

I don’t know how to do it. How can I prevent this warning from appearing in my app.

80% sure a blank value in your database ,:smiley: fix that
If there is not blank value
Show how you call value in list first and where you want to show .

all my codes

@Crypto_Ailesi listen that’s mean , a block of in list section length of list .

Call all value from database first then show in lable1 text length of list .

and add the variables “value” in space and then do a do it while connected to companion

As the error tells Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1 means your list value is smaller than the value you want to get . The list length is of 1

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means, there is only 1 item in the list and your code wants to get either the second item or the next item, which are both not there.

I thought some girl from community said you something by the title

Kindly edit it a bit :sweat_smile:

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Done @UnknownBeast


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Have you appended a value to the firebase databaseblocks this add an item to a list stored in firebase.

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