What does this block do?

I am new to App inventor and I am using Kodular for my first app. can anyone help me understand how to use this block.

Those blocks returns the name of that components
for example if we take “Fingerprint1” block It returns Fingerprint1 as text
Attach that block to any of the label text and see the output by testing, then you will come to understand.

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These blocks refer to respect component

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How to work with the advanced features



Tried to and they will not plug in.

these blocks are the components itself and can be used together with the advanced blocks where it makes sense (for the fingerprint sensor it probably does not make sense)…you might want to follow my previous link…

PS: not all the answers you get are correct… :wink:


It is work when you want to do in that components I see screenshot

It is something like this

sorry for the wrong text my text mean if you want to test any block better you can check it with the label so that you can understand more iam saying
and the output is

better make sense

Better. I will test later on my own. Thanks

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These blocks return to the several components. When are they useful? For any component blocks.