What happen when we use 50-60 vertical layout in app

What happen when we use multiple layout in app making them visible when button or somethings is clicked

Any error?? Or what else you want to know?


Did you try anything?

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No i am just asking

There is no restrictions on using layouts and making them visible on button click! :wink: This can help you many way!


at least theoretically…
but practically depending on the use of other components like labels, buttons, textboxes etc. as well as the number of blocks you are using it might be, that the blocks editor starts lagging and/or you get problems while building the app…



unless it is just a lot of vertical layouts alone the app will probably crash or work slowly. I mean, if each layout has 3 components inside it there will be 200 components on a screen with 50 vertical layouts.

I can’t imagine many situations where I would need 50+ vertical layouts.

Probably it is not necessary to have so many components at the same screen.


As I’ve said before, I prefer using vsa switching instead of multiple screens and I haven’t had any issues in the app side using it.

On blocks side, however, they do lag, but I deal with this by collapsing the blocks and arranging them in groups so I find them easiy and reducing the lagging issue.