What i am missing please help!

Hello, on click any value is taking me only to the first answer low blood pressure , what i am missing here ?

You are only checking for everything that is smaller then so everything is always true the first time.

You have to check

for > 60 and < 90

for > 80 and < 120

etc etc if you want to compare to variables.

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i think that should me textbox1.text
it is input type which will return 1 (default)i think

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and this also

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Let me try it !

Thanks for fast reply , but my friend i did the same in thunkable and its working good :frowning:

hey friend set it to textbox1.text
not input type

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Show your thunkable blocks please. Even when you set textbox to 200 it will show low blood pressure like you did it. You always check for less then instead of bigger then.

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yes sir it work at the method too , thank you

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yes sir, its working now :slight_smile: thanks a lot

if that was helpful then mark it as a solution:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are comparing values between numbers so it should be

60 and < 90 = low
=> 90 and < 120 = normal
80 and < 89 or > 120 and <139 = pre-hypertension
90 and < 99 or > 140 and < 159 = hypertension stage 1
100 or < 160 = hypertension stage 2

You are also overlapping values that could cause unexpected results. Since you are making a medical app your results should be always correct. See this chart.

There is no overlap in values.

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yes thats right , i will try to change the values at this way to see , thanks peter

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