What is considered .AdFailedToShow / .AdFailedToLoad?

In Ads Networks, if my Fill Rate is low (not available ads) will this be considered an error, therefore raising an event from AdFailedToShow/Load blocks ?

At what type of error exactly, these blocks can raise an event?

Your low fill rate is not an error but what caused that in the first place would be defined as an error.

For Example, If your Internet was off when you tried to load an Ad that would throw Error Code 0 in Google Ad Manager & AdMob. However if there was no Inventory with Google to load an Ad at the moment that would throw an Error Code 3 of no fill.

As far as the events of Ad Failed to Load & Ad Failed to Show are concerned, You should check the error Message parameter in those events as that would give you more information about the underlying error.

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Sometime it’s may depend how many active users you have

Can I ask if it’s okay to call another ad network in FailedToShow/Load blocks. I believe in documentations, this is not recommended, but I don’t understand why

Lets say I put interstitial ad in button 1, when user clicks it, and there is no available video, I dont want anything to happen, not some message to be displayed

The message is not displayed until you add a block in Ad in failed to Load event. If you don’t add Ad Failed to Load Block and don’t call any notifier block to display error message, no error message is displayed to the user.

I don’t know much about other Ad Networks but If an Ad Failed to Load, for instance of a Google Ad Manager ad, You should NOT load that adUnit again for that session. Doing so maybe harmful for your account.

As far as other Ad Network’s Monetization components are concerned, you should consult other community members.

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I understand, Thank you for the information :+1:

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I’ve actually asked in more communities, but couldn’t get any exact answers for other ad network’s components.

If we assume calling again to display ads in FailedtoLoad/Show blocks can harmful account or in cases reduce fill rates/eCPM, how about calling ads from a different ad network ?

Yes as I already said, You should be able to call Ads from other Ad Networks if your 1st Ad Network failed to Load. Still I would recommend you take an opinion of other members too!


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