What is right way to show admob ads?

When Admob banner ads is loaded, do set admob banner “visible” to true or “ads enabled” to true which one is correct? And what is right block for Interstitial ads? When admob Interstitial is loaded do “call admob Interstitial show Interstitial ad” is this block is correct? Or ad enabled to true for Interstitial.

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Yes its a correct

never show Iinterstitial ads after banner ads load, it is against to admob rule. Admob rule say that show interstitial before page load (mean show when screen intialize ) if you set show interstial after load banner then interstital ads will distrube user when he read content on screen … so ALWAYS Show Interstitial at screen initialize .


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Thanks for the information, it is very useful for those of us who have just started on this.

As long as you publish that video, I’ll never stop.


How about if we use (show Iinterstitial ads) on backpress screen, is it ok?

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