What is the Admob Banner error message 3?

Use this block :point_up:t2: to get error messages in ads
And I get error messages is “3” can t tell me what is “3”

This is because there was no ad for your application. Try to add more unique stuff in your app.

According to AdMob docs:


So what I do now can you tell how to fix it

Just increase your users…
It’s a simple way to solve it

If I publish my app on other platforms and ads will automatically come ?

Well on other platforms you can’t get users coz most of the users are using play store

No If my user increase and my ads will automatically come in my app

Yeah it will

Ok I will try to publish

Well you can add more features in your app if you want

No its already have feature and UI is professional no need of modification

Ok it’s upto you🤷

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What is your app type?

Its a tool for what app. I make UI better and block code is working properly. All over everything is good except ads . This screen shot is my Mein screen in tool

You need to make something unique in your app.

Can you give me one example to make it unique

I suggest not to make this type of apps.
Make some interesting apps.
You may feel sad now by reading this post, but you will understand this one day.

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Thanks ! Now I will create multiple game with action Storyline and more exciting features with attractive UI


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