What is the best way to authenticate website through webview?

A newbie here.

I wish to serve my simple javascript app on my server, and view it through webview.
I wish to use it only through app, and the JS app should not run in browser (i.e. unauthenticated user).

What are the methods I can use to authenticate app or user in my javascript web app so that it only runs through my Kodular app in webviewer?

Search for google.
You need to send token from app and on js server side first check if token is available and match then proceed otherwise return null

Normally a secretkey in your app, put in the end of the url http://www.example.com/test.php?key=secretkey, if user access http://www.example.com/test.php, it will show nothing.

ShaikhSajidAli Thanks! Could you help me with what specific should I look for?

btchiangmj Thanks for the above idea. I can make a simple static key and authenticate it in the JS app. However, could you tell me what are the various methods used to implement such authentication, maybe with a hash etc? Are there any specific JS libraries which can be used for the particular use-case?

You can only get ideas about how to do that you need to search and make your js code.
You have js app then you have enough knowledge of js, you can do it no one here help to write a code for you

This will help you…

Deeplinking is not possible in kodular yet

If you read my reply carefully, you’d understand that I’m requesting me to enlighten me about ways to do that. I’m not asking anyone to write any code.

I’d suggest you to be less rude while answering.

There is already mentioned two different ideas you just need to implement these which is best for you.
Rather than there are more ways to do that like,
Through css using media queries if screen size in null then set parent div visibility to hidden and show another div like 404 page not found

I am not rude this is just my way of writing