What is the correct path to read ASD files now?

This is what I did:

Image can show the picture, but File.Exists returns false

Maybe try with File manager extensions.

How often has that already been said, especially by me:
“The File component needs a relative path for this.”


Everything you have written is obscure and incomprehensible. And if you think you have to determine issues with an extension, explain the problems precisely and show your blocks.

Oh, Thanks for this.
Maybe Kodular should make all the component accept the same format of file path.
like //aa.txt for assets, ~/aa.txt for private , #/aa.txt for ASD, /sdcard/aa.txt for sdcard.
of course, it also can accept the full file path.

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No, because the File component is the only component that can write to the privateDir. Therefore this path (without an initial slash) is only required here. The same goes for the assets. Because this is only required for the File component to differentiate it from the privateDir.

No, everything works. I have already written an explanation. There is no point in writing about it further.

Then, for the sake of clarification, I would like to conclude that there are no problems with the Picasso extension (to my knowledge).

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  • //test.txt for assets
  • test.txt for privateDir and
  • /test.txt for the root dir of the external storage for Android < 10.
    For Android > 9 this is redirected to the ASD.

So from now we can not set picture component from asd? Cause i got same problem

What i mean is: all the components, not only File, but also Webview, Image, VideoPlayer, and other components need to read/write local files, they should have the same philosophy of file path like File.
take Webview as example, Webview.LoadUrl (//index.html), this should be working, no matter in companion or in Apk.

But this is working. Setting picture from asd.

I use this extension

This what i got

But ur .aia is work . I will try again with extension downloadasd

Now i know what my problem. Its work after i disabled hight quality image

can anyone explain why if it is set to high quality image than set image does not appear?

Edit : now i use image utilities , so even if hight image quality is enabled, the image is still visible

In fact, that was the cause.

So the bug was found. Now just need to fix it

You can use image utilites to load image, so even you enable hight quality image it will keep visible

I’ve found a way to fix that.
/storage/emulated/0 has to be replaced by /sdcard:

But /storage/emulated/0 should actually work in any case (of course also for the ASD). @pavi2410



Neither the WebViewer, Image or VideoPlayer component can save anything. In this respect, it would only be possible (if at all) for components that can save something. But read should be possible.

This is work thank you . But what the correct path to load image from asd if using image loader extension like picasso or other extension? .i want to load image localy from asd not from url.

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