What is the function of this block?

what is the function of this block?

Those blocks open the “Info” screen and close the screen that is currently open.

You can see some more examples of these blocks here: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Multiple Screens | Pura Vida Apps


What do you mean (currently I am on screen1 and after clicking on that button I am switched to the “info” screen and closes screen1) Is that so?

Yes, that’s correct.

thanks for your information :slight_smile:

So what is the benefit of using this function? We could also open the Info screen directly.

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This is one of the way of closing the screen properly. Using this block you make sure you are closing the current screen and then opening a new screen.

In this way app has only one screen opened at any given time. And thus you can avoid errors like OOM(Out Of Memory).


Thanks for your Good Information

Say one more thing when we do not put any condition of back press on a screen. Still if that screen close, is it close in actual or not?

use the close screen block to close a screen