What is this error & how fix it? reading ‘indexOf’

error generating Yail for screen 4696413231382528_Screen1: : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘indexOf’). Please fix and try packaging again.

what is this error & how fix it ?

Welcome to the community. Could you provide more info? Components used in Screen1, extensions …?

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I hope you have left blank some of the index field to empty in screen1, may be i am wrong. But post your screenshots for better understanding rather than adding words

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What is the index field ?

Unless you show your blocks, it is hard to say about it.

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No only two page

post your aia here

Blood_Camp.aia (55.6 KB)

Check this one

Blood_Camp2.aia (55.7 KB)


thank you
What is the reason for that error ?

Missing values in project.properties. See the difference below.


How can I upload an excel data to this app ?

Please do not go #off-topic . If problem solved for this specific error please mark solution :white_check_mark: and open a new topic regarding excel data.


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