What is this error is about?

What is this error is about?
I’ve used firebase storage extension

You are either using some heavy images or you are not switching screens properly or else may be both

See tip 1 & 2 here :point_down:

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The image you tried to load is to big.

If you wanted to crash your app without doing any hard work, you could’ve came to me :joy:

190 kb…
But it has to be loaded every time screen initialises…
Any solution for that?

read tip 2

protip: read it completely, especially Italo’s remarks

Hi there, seems like you have more than 2 screens running in the background. This can result of high RAM

Make sure to call the block “Close Screen” for every screen when not in use to prevent the error.

Like @Taifun & @Vaibhav mentioned before, try your best not to use multiple screen. Try to keep it all in one screen by using set the component visible method