What is wrong with these blocks? I am using the KIO4_PdfS extension

I want to create a pdf file from and save it in a folder and share it


R u using this Create Build Crear App Inventor Extensiones Extensions Crear PDF. Leer PDF. extension.

& Have you setup the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

I can’t get the error

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Do as @dora_paz says.


You use .CreatePdf10, but try to view with .ReadPdf (not ReadPdf10), and you do not use the .Finish10 block which closes the pdf created.

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I couldn’t do it
I will attach the aia file, can you take a look at it?
I just want to extract a pdf file layout a format and I want to save it in a folder called pdf, for example, inside the downloads folder, and I want another button that can share the file immediately

This is the aia file, please help

pdf_test.aia (56.9 KB)


finishedPage10 is not a path to your file, it is a boolean (true/false)

Why do you need to move the file ? Can you share it from your ASD ?
With Android 10/11/12 you will need more tools to move the file where you are aiming it

You can remove the PdfS extension, it is not required.

What are these components?
I just want to save to a specific path

Can you edit this aia file for me
So that it can extract the pdf file from Vertical_Arrangement1
And save it in a folder within the downloads folder
It can be shared by clicking the share button
I don’t want a move and I don’t want more than that

Can someone help me here?

Please read above replies and try to work on them.

I did that
But I can’t find the PDF file after extracting it, I can’t find it and I don’t know where the path is

I hope it will be stored in the main folder. Already i have tried and found in the main place.

Can you edit the aia file and tweak it the right way you see, I tried and couldn’t find the extracted file