What kind of apps can be made using this?

simple apps or is it possible to make a complex app

Depends on your imagination and how stubborn you are to make it work

And yes you can



in the case of making a video game will it still work?

What kind of game. You are giving little info.

Superb app



something along the scale of a MMORPG (ex: Dragon Ball Legends)

Why not give some screenshots or links to what you want. You expect that others are going to look around for information. You are the one who wants an answer so you should provide the info.


Keep in my that this is not a game engine. It is intended for making apps. You can make some games but not all types of them.

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If you want to create MMORPG then you have to have the coding knowledge because that type of game only made by game engine and you can use unity for starter because it’s easy o use and if you want to create 3d models for your game then use blender for that or if you want to make 2d game then use Adobe Photoshop. I hope that will help I’m also working on a game and looking forward to seeing your game if you make one someday.