What needs a Kodular app to work in Smart TVs?

hello, I want to know if is possible to use the Kodular apps in smart tvs or it needs some extension or something else.

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Apps made on/with Kodular can run only on Android OS either on real device or emulated device.
It also works on some Android based OS like RemixOS
So if smart TV supports/runs on android then answer is yes else no.


do you know any kodular app published in play store who is designed for smart tvs ?

No I don’t know any such app.

ok, I was thinking about this idea. I’ll see what I need to make it.

If you got you answer then close this topic.

but may be, some other can know what I need to make one app for smart tvs. Can you stay some days opened this topic ?

If you want so then first change title of this topic as it has been answered.

do you think is nothing special then ? all the Kodular apps works in android smart tvs ?

ok I changed, may be more clear like this, isn’t it ?

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All “Smart TVs” cannot run Android apps. You’d need an “Android TV” for that. Even then, your app would be incompatible, because Kodular apps are built strictly for Android. Android Wear (or WearOS), and Android TV are completely separate platforms, with different usage and input methods.

You could potentially sideload an APK compiled with Kodular and then use it with a mouse and keyboard, but it wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience. Keep in mind, most TV users will have just a DPAD and a single button, plus Back and Home.


ok, then if I make one app who doesn’t need a keyboard, just buttons, it can works in a TV, isn’t it ?

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That would work in theory, but I haven’t tested it.

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