What phone to be used

hi i want to know that what type of phone should be used
like common phones so pls tell that if i wanna publish my app then what phone shall be used for the users that see that app
i mean accurate size of phones that most of the users have

Well it’s better to use the companion

i mean that while designing
what phone i should take?

Oh ok I think that Google pixel 3 is ok

well i need a medium sized

But in the rest of the phones the size is not much accurate

for users coz they could have large or small sized ti will fit automatically

There’s a lot of difference between the size of companion and the phones…
If you’ll make your app according to companion (I mean your phone) it will fit in all the devices whether large or small

oh thank you i didnt noticed else i made app using phones
there is a problem with canvas so can canvas be fixed like that and that this is a problem

What is the problem with canvas

arranging sprites in a device works and in other one it gets displaced

Which device? Companion or your phone

1.motorola(1st testing device)
2.oneplus 6t(2nd testing device on which it displaced)

The device you choose in the designer is only a way to view but that won’t affect your app ( may be i’m wrong ) …Also see here ( regarding the problem with canvas ):

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Well it should work
Have you set the width and length of the canvas as fill parent I think that doing so will solve it
Or maybe not​:crazy_face:

Is the problem solved or not

no it didnt work then also

i will check it and if i face the problem i will again ask in this group only

thank you :smiley:

Well, one size of image on a canvas may look differently on other devices…shorter, stretched etc…

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same with me…

You need to also consider that newer phones have various screen aspect ratios eg 20:9, 19.5:9, 19:9 etc.

After I developed my games I found everything worked great on 16:9 screens but components are not where they should be on other aspect ratios.