What screen maximum?

What is the maximum number of screens that we can add in the kodular? I can go beyond them?

You dont need multiple screens. I think the limit is 10 screens.

Here is a tutorial with a Quiz App that shows you how to simulate screens.


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My project for school is not only based on the quiz, it is a part, but there are others, so I would like to know the maximum number of screens I can add…

I think the limit is 10. But it is a real bad idea using screens unless you have too. No variables or procedures are available between screens. Each screen is like its own program. Plus you have to manage them properly, close them etc.

But very thanks fur link!!

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É mais fácil usar métodos de visibilidade de arranjamentos

Too bad it was only 10 … I was thinking of creating the following screens:




Choose between quiz and dashboard

If you chose quiz:

quiz themes choices screen

1 quiz screen of each theme (5 being)

If you chose panel:

Screen for the theoretical parts

Screen of the challenges to solve in the panel

Note: this panel is with arduino use…

But you dont need those “screens”

You can set them up as arrangments, and just make them visible or invisible. For example in my app, I have 15 buttons that all occupy the same spot, It just changes based on where in the app the function is.

You can do all you mentioned with one screen, and make it look like it is more then one screen.

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Use the community search function!!
This question was already many times answered!



There is no limits, as I know. You can use as many screens as you want. However it is not recommended to use more then 10-20 Screens in a App. (Below 10 works best in my opinion)

Give it a try!

It’s okay, thanks!

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Such a thoughtful contribution. Thanks!


Because nobody want to do a search first!
This question was answered many times here in community!

So I dont repeat me everytime again and again.

You guys should know how a simple search works…


There is no screen limit. You can use many screens as you want!
After 10 screens added you will only see a warning. Nothing else.

Instead of the useage of many screens > use layouts.