What should be input for list of lists

how can I prepare manual list in one cell so it will output as list of row list
I extracted below sheet in CSV

and tried manual input

got below error

what should be the input, Thanks.

You are not using Kodular. Ask in the community of the builder you use. I close and unlist this.

Try like this

link1,title1,text1\n link2,title2,text2\n link3,title3,text3\n 

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still getting error

given input
link1,title1,text1\n link2,title2,text2\n link3,title3,text3\n

Show me your blocks. Notice that I use list from csv table text and not list from csv row text

Also you need to use CSV table text , split at, select list item list combo blocks

Think is this is the Prefect Solution for you :

Function and aia,apk file

Add Listview and make it visible false

Converted List will be in ReturnedList Variable
Aia : ConvertTexttoList.aia (178.0 KB)
Apk : ConvertTexttoList.apk (5.5 MB)

If you found it helpful then mark it as a solution and drop alike

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