What triggers the Kodular companion to crash?

Lately the companion is crashing way too often, and it’s a bit frustrating. I was wondering, except the space in the assets name error, what are some other triggers to be wary of?

show your error

I have not been able to use my app in the Companion since the last update. It crashes with no visible error.

I have to export to APK, so I do agree there might be something going on.

This is from the report:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Child drawer has absolute gravity LEFT but this DrawerLayout already has a drawer view along that edge.

It seems it has something to do with the side-menu. Though it triggers whenever I upload and use a new asset.

Any thoughts?

@tsutsuruki Does it work the first time you start the companion?

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Yes. It seems that the problems start when I upload and use a new asset.

How large is the asset?

What type of asset?

large projects has more chances to crash :pensive:

2 mp3 files 1 song (2,47Mb), 1 sound effect (47,Kbytes)
about 30+ small images (png,jpg>200 Kbytes each)
Some lottie annimations.

Lotties dont work in Companion. Since the new update, it crashes for me all the time, so that might be it.

Well, the Lottie display error didn’t seem to trigger a crash in the past, at least on the previous projects I’ve worked on. But since there were some companion updates since then, it could be.

yes it crashes too often without a visible error and most of the time does’nt connects to computer I think it’s a bug in companion app or some connection protocol problem