What unit are the dynamic button set height & set width blocks using?

I can not figure out how to use these blocks. They take number values so you can’t ex. specify “px” or “%”. I want to set the dynamic button’s height to “30px” and it’s width to “fill-parent”. Is this possible?

For fill parent set to -2 and for automatic set to -1

If you use width/height block the you can set in px.
If you use width/height percentage block then you can set in %

This guide may help you

Okay, I see, but in my testing -1 is fill parent.

Humm… :thinking: strange can you show your blocks.
You can see in my guide, I have used -2 for fill parent.

Make sure that the height/width of parent container(the container in which button resides) is not set to automatic.
If this is the case then no matter what you try to set button’s height/width, it will always fill the parent container

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