What were the blocks for adding refresh button?

The truth is that lately people don’t know how to explain what they need.
It’s really hard to help someone who doesn’t explain himself well… I’m sorry.

The back button is another button that you can assign another function… They’re two different things…

Look. They’re two different buttons that you can assign different functions to:


And maybe you can confuse it with this one:

component_event (1)

Man, it’s really hard to help like this…

Read this before you ask questions

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No worries. Thank you for your patience. At last I achieved what I want. I didn’t followed what you said but i added a floating button and added a block to refresh when floating button is clicked. It’s working

You ask the questions you need.
If you ask a question well, people will be able to help you better

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Thanks a lot mate, i was looking for it since so long but nobody was able to tell. Its strange that this option was not visible to me