What wrong with my app?

I have built my app and release on play store.
Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pastfutur.official

I have test my app on Xiaomi mi A3 (android version 11), mi A2 Lite (android version 9) and Samsung Galaxy M10 (android version 10). Those device work everything well as my expectations.

But some of device not working.

• Android version 10

• Android version 4.4.4

• Android version 6.0

When i was test my app, it was working everything well even now. But some of device not working. What wrong it is?

This is Xiaomi mi A3 (android version 11) screenshot. In the device work everything well.

Is anyone help me?

Most probably the problem is with ad implementation. Can you please describe your app a little bit?

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Check your ad component, that thing only creating problem it seems.? Check the codes and logic.

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are you using kodular inbuilt admob banner ad component?

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Bang… That is the good question, How did i forget to ask this…?

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The app is, i have a blog site that i convert into app using webviwe.

Yes. I have use one admob banner ad.

I have use one admob banner ad and int ad. I load ad when failed to load the call load ad.

Why seems the problem? I set the layout hight to automatic. And there is 5 options but show only 4. I think it is for high low dpi.

By seeing this err no one can predict the reason unless you show your codes. There may be some logical err may happen.

From which section?