Whats the silliest mistake you have made and then realised how stupid you are?(In Kodular)

Come on lets have a little off topic chat, share your experiences down below and make them interesting.

Everyone hates such moments at least I do, my such moment was probably cause of a spelling mistake. I had mistyped a single letter wrong in a lengthy string and I didn’t notice it. I swear I checked around 1000 blocks, switched devices and what not. After finding out the mistake I was so agitated that i wanted to throw my laptop from the terrace of my building.

I’m sure many of you have had such or similar moments, come on share them with the community.


i hope u would have joined in august . u would have get wat happened . many people got suspended

i dont remember story properly

Hahahahahahah :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

Why though?

u can pm people and chat
mark mine as solution if u feel it good

mods unlist this toppic and pls tell
them wat happened
i dont see any mods online

Maybe there are busy !!!

they will respond @Maxtern soon

yeah but i wont throw . i would throw only testing devices not device on which u made.
i guess u are requesting an update for spell check in any component for label

I clearly aint requesting anything as the category it was totally an off topic posts so the Koders on this platform can share their experiences with others and have a little laugh in this hard time due to the pandemic.
But it seems people dont care much these days.

Stop this discussion unless you want a mod to handle you…
PM to people if you want to chat…

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ok see

due to one person called @NOKIA happened

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Hello @AtharvaPawar
Off topics are not allowed now because all are not interested in off topics.
Kodular staff and Mods want to keep the community clean with topics that matters (related to development).
Know more here.