Whatsapp Send Message extension

This send a message withou the user click the button to send?

No, it looks like you still need to press the send button on Whatsapp

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Then I don’t understand. What is the diference between use this extension or use whatsapp api? Or even before that, just use activity starter…


You don’t need this extension


Please extension @ivan_moreno

Please send me the extension i’ll donate you.

try this method, maybe this will save your money.


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Thank you, but I’m looking for an extension that send a message without typing and pressing a “Send” button. I am trying to validate a phone through a whatsapp message

WhatsApp does not allow to send messages without pressing the ‘send’ button yourself.


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send whatsapp message without live app . when butten click whatsapp send costum message without open whatsapp???

This extension has this option?
Because the creator of the extension didn’t post this screenshot… Where did you get it?

Great extension! Well done.

Does it works even if Whatsapp is closed ?

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Pay atention, my friend. This extension does the same as activity starter. Id does not send message automatically. With this extension you can only open whatsapp at a conversation with some text, but the user will have to click the button to send anyway.

It is the same as clickin this button: Compartilhe no WhatsApp
The user is the one who decide to send the message, not the app

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